Thursday, November 4, 2010

Healthiest lunch of the day

What a luxury to have homegrown tomatoes in November!  Our tomato crop was a disaster, thanks to a terrible drought and our being away for a month, unable to water them.  My husband ripped the plants out at least a month ago.  But there's always some overachieving gardener whose tomato machine keeps cranking them out, and if you're really lucky, you go to that person's house one day when she's in deaccession mode.

I often make tomato sandwiches with beautiful, red, ripe tomatoes, but this one was so juicy I thought the toast would turn to mush before I finished eating.  So I used a fork instead.  The plate had a few empty spaces on it that cried to be filled with a complementary color.  Such a treat!  And I still have plenty left -- thanks, Marti!

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