Thursday, June 25, 2015

Beautiful garbage

Sometimes even the garbage looks good enough to eat!  (Complementary colors never hurt.)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Beautiful fruit

My favorite fruit combo is usually peaches and blueberries.  I suspect the complementary colors work on some region of the brain to enhance the flavor sensations and make you think they taste even better.  But this month the blueberries, which have been on sale and we've been buying a lot of, have been inferior -- maybe picked too soon, maybe just too pallid and underdone because something was wrong with the weather.

By contrast, the peaches have been wonderful, especially the white peaches we had this week and last.  I could have just eaten the peach by itself but it was small and I wanted a big dish full, so I added raspberries, a combination that I don't think I've done before.  And just as beautiful as peaches and blueberries.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Special salmon

We've been eating "wild-caught sockeye salmon" from Alaska for several months; it appears reliably in our grocery store for $10 a pound, and many times you can catch it on sale.  But recently other varieties besides sockeye, such as Copper River or king, have been showing up at $20.  We decided that we'd splurge one night and see if the fancy stuff was worth twice the price.

So here's a plate of Copper River salmon.  Beautiful, delicious -- but indistinguishable from plain old sockeye.  We won't be splurging again.