Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tiny tomatoes

We always write down on our calendar the date of the first tomato from our garden.  In the past, we've generally anticipated that tomatoes will be edible toward the end of July.  Once we had a tomato on the Fourth, but that was a one-time phenomenon -- until this year. 

Thanks to hot weather and plenty of rain throughout the springtime, my resident farmer got the tomato plants into the ground earlier than usual, and we actually had a couple of tiny tomatoes on July 1.

Now they're coming in more prolifically, so that you can eat a half-dozen or more out of the snack bowl on the dining room table.  This variety is Sun Sugar, which we've been growing and loving for several years.

We're still at least a week away from any big tomatoes, although we have lots of green ones on our plants.  Meanwhile, we've had some nice local tomatoes from the farmer's market, but there's nothing so delicious as one from your own garden, still warm from the sun.  I'll let you know when that happens!


  1. I have had a few large tomatoes in containers on the deck, but most of my tomatoes out in the yard are being ravaged by squirrels.
    So let's talk about how to cook squirrels.

  2. I love those Sun Gold or Sun Sweet tomatoes right off the vine, too. See my blog post of today, July 28, to see what's happening to mine. Argh!!! Chipmunks!