Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dumb ideas in marketing

With much hoopla, our local grocery store has turned its cheese counter into an exclusive outlet for a branded dealer.  I'm pessimistic, having lived through a similar "upgrade" of our deli counter, in which suddenly we could only buy brand-name pastrami, at $2 a pound more than the old no-name store meat. But this morning I had my first up-close-and-personal contact with the new brand.

Last week my husband bought me some havarti cheese, one of my favorites, and this morning I decided to have some for breakfast.  But when I took the new package out of the fridge I was momentarily appalled.

"What -- you bought me cheese that's pervasive, stinky and lingering????" I shrieked.

But on closer examination I realized that some marketing genius had decided to festoon the labels with every conceivable adjective that could be applied to cheese.


It might be a good marketing ploy to label your cheese with an accurate description, especially if you're trying to tempt buyers into trying something new.  But it strikes me as dumb to label your cheese as everything.  I suspect a lot of buyers will -- just as I did -- spy one or two of the adjectives on the label and quickly decide it's not for them.

Meanwhile, the havarti wasn't even as good as the (cheaper) stuff we used to get at the same cheese counter.  I ate it anyway, but will not be returning to the fancy new cheese counter with much enthusiasm.


  1. I never thought of making cheese toast with havarti--I usually use cheddar or provolone. Will try it, but not with theirs. ;)

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  2. Harvarti is one of my favorites...I especially love it with diced tomatoes and fresh sliced mushrooms tucked into a whole wheat pita and gently warmed so the cheese melts and holds it all together....In a pinch, Muenster will work, but ohhh Havarti!

    I don't even think the packaging is attractive! Maybe Kroger?

  3. Havarti cheese is super for melting because of its high fat content (all good things have their price). I allow myself one package per two or three months.