Monday, June 6, 2011

Complementary colors

How food looks has little to do with how it tastes, as you can testify if you've ever ordered a gorgeous dessert or purchased a beautiful tomato that turned out to taste like styrofoam.  But you also know that a good-tasting dish seems to be amplified if it also looks magnificent.  In my book, the most beautiful dishes are those with complementary colors.

At this time of year, my favorite colors are orange and blue, aka peaches and blueberries.  The Georgia peaches are great this week, perfuming the entire dining room from their fruit bowl.  We've usually been eating them out of hand, but even better is to make a big bowl of sliced peaches with their complementary berries, then fill it with milk.

If your peaches are really ripe, and if you can wait a while before you scarf it down, the milk may turn pinkish.  But that's only icing on the cake.  Why wait -- mangia!

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