Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vegetable drawer failures

Here's what you don't like to see when you get your head of celery out of the bottom of the vegetable drawer.

But it was not the slightest bit slimy, smelled and tasted fine, and in fact was the deepest green I've ever seen on celery!  So I cut it up and put it in the soup, and it was excellent.


  1. I had it's twin in my drawer last week!!!

  2. Kathy, You can keep celery fresh by wrapping it in aluminum foil; no more limp, questionable celery.
    It stays fresh for weeks!

  3. Sandy -- I didn't know that -- I'll give it a try. Usually I put it in a thin plastic newspaper bag, which works for a while but not if you forget about it in the back of the drawer. thanks!!

  4. i use a tupperware container for celery and keep my carrots in there better than foil IMO.....