Monday, June 20, 2011

Pricing paradox

So which of these two packages of practically identical cheese would you expect to be more expensive?

If you thought the fancy "cheese tray" of presliced cheddar would be the luxury item, you would be wrong.  The unit pricing tags reveal the truth:

Yes, even with the chunk o' cheese on card special, it cost more than the fancy sliced tray.  Since I've never seen this tray format before, and the package says "new" in big letters, I suspect that they're way underpricing to get us to try the presliced stuff and get hooked.  In a month or so it will bounce up to the significantly higher level that they have planned all along as its permanent price. 

The moral of this story, of course, is to read the fine print.  Which is easy for me on the eye-level shelves, but difficult if not impossible on the high and low ones, thanks to bifocals and rickety knees.  I've been known to pull the shelf tags off the shelves so I can read them, and I dare any store employee to give me a hard time over it.  (I always try to stick them back where they came from after reading.)  You can often find unexpected bargains just by staying alert.

I bought a couple of the fancy cheese trays, and they are really cute!  We will enjoy them while the lowball pricing lasts, and probably not ever again.

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