Saturday, May 28, 2011

Breakfast on the road

It's gotten expected that practically every mid-range motel offers free breakfast with your room.  Years ago that could be pretty nice, at least in some places.  But these days, free breakfast is often an exercise in hunting and gathering.  What can you find, amid the flotsam and jetsam of the food processing industry, that you might actually want to ingest?

The mainstay of free breakfasts is always the donut platter, where you can get your sugar levels back up to diabetic range in case they have fallen during the night. 

Some chains are famous for their waffles, which I think are popular with visitors partly because of the elaborate procedure for measuring out the batter, pouring it into the very hot iron (avoiding second-degree burns, if possible), flipping it over, listening for the beeps, and decanting it onto your plate.  And of course, the ever-present danger that you will do something wrong and open the waffle iron to find a messy, half-baked pile of dough that has to be forcibly removed.

There's often cereal, in those pitiful packages that rip open to reveal a dish-like receptacle, into which you can pour some milk, providing you didn't tear it too far open.  In my experience, mostly you have a choice of three overly sugared varieties.

On a recent journey we discovered a new breakfast treat: pre-formed omelets ready for your microwave pleasure.  Somehow we resisted their allure.

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  1. Preformed omelets? That would boggle my mind, if it hadn't already been permanently boggled by the pre-cooked bacon at the grocery I shop at. Urk.

    This is why having many food allergies is a blessing in disguise.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky