Monday, April 25, 2011


So when you find yourself in a motel room after a long day on the road, and you're too tired to go out to dinner (besides, you had a big lunch), and you realize you have cheese and crackers and baby carrots and beer in the cooler, that seems like a pretty good argument for snacks in the room.

But wait -- how to cut the cheese? 

In the olden days, we used to travel equipped with corkscrew, church key, pocket knife, scissors and other useful accessories always in our cosmetic kits, but having lost too many of said accessories to airport security on various continents, we have gotten negligent.  It's just too much trouble to put tools into your kit when you're traveling by car, then take them out when you're going by plane.

Had it been just one of us alone in the motel, we probably would have just taken bites out of the cheese.  But we weren't quite that desperate.

The solution:

We had two room keys, so didn't have to find out whether cheese adversely affects the magnetic strip.

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