Saturday, June 15, 2013

The first watermelon

We're eating the first watermelon of the season this weekend.  It's not as deeply red and sweet as you'll find as summer wears on, but it's not half bad for mid-June.

Yes, those are seeds!  And most interesting, it came from the supermarket.  And it was big.

This is quite a change for our market.  For the last couple of years there have been no seeded melons at all.  Everything has been seedless, and most of the melons have been dinky little things.  Apparently people don't have the refrigerator space to store a big melon, or don't love watermelon enough to eat it twice a day for a week.  And obviously they don't have the patience to pick out the seeds.

But I just don't think the little seedless melons taste as good as the big old-fashioned ones.  We've got our fingers crossed that maybe something has changed and we'll be able to buy them all year at the market.

1 comment:

  1. And yet modern refrigerators keep getting bigger and bigger, and people used to find room for natural sized watermelons to fit in old ones. Modern times, hmmph!

    Mary Anne in Kentucky