Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lima beans again

I wrote a few days ago about the Mayan method for cooking lima beans.  Coincidentally I ordered limas at another nice restaurant recently that were just as good, but different.

The common element in both preparations is not just the limas but the fact that something crunchy is sprinkled over the top.  In this case it was toasted breadcrumbs with garlic, and lots of butter.  The beans were a big portion, in a big dish with a serving spoon so others could share.  I think that's a nice touch -- we frequently share anyway, but this is more elegant than poking your fork onto somebody else's plate.


  1. Wow! I do not always love lima beans but both of these varieties have sounded delicious! Where were these from? Might have to try them out the next time I come visit!

  2. just across the street from Mayan Cafe, at Decca. I guess that's the lima bean neighborhood