Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Food photos -- entering the red zone

I love my little Nikon camera, small enough to keep in my pocket and whip out at the slightest provocation.  Since I started blogging I've taken a lot more photos, documenting many aspects of daily life -- including food.  But I've realized that my trusty camera fails me at a crucial moment: taking pictures of hot reddish food.

I have no idea what triggers the sudden attack of colorblindness.  But food that looks like this:

ends up in the photos looking like this:

To get a color-correct picture I have to hold the camera farther from the food (thus suggesting that rising heat from the plate somehow tricks the sensors) or sometimes widen my field of vision so the camera can see some non-reddish background color and restore its judgment.

I can almost always come up with an acceptable photo, but it usually takes a half-dozen shots or more.  Meanwhile my friends' and family's tolerance frays, especially if I'm photographing their plate rather than my own.

If any photographers more astute than I can tell me what's happening, I'd be grateful.

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