Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cooking hall of shame

Here's my teflon spatula, a mainstay of my cooking toolbox.  I own its twin brother, too.  Looks pretty nice, doesn't it?

But it's not.

The handle is affixed to the spatula blade with some hidden connection, covered with a metal ring.  And in between the handle and the blade is apparently a reservoir that fills with water when the spatula is washed.  Even a day or two later, the water lurks there.

When you get it out of the drawer again and start using it, the water oozes out from under the metal ring and gets your hands wet.  Drying off the utensil (and your hands) doesn't get it all; it springs eternal as you cook.

So why do I keep using this tool?  It's hefty enough to bust up semi-frozen ground beef in the pan, strong enough to press down firmly without bending the handle, and the teflon coating hasn't worn off the front edge in years of use.  It's hard to find a teflon coated spatula that fulfills these requirements, and I know because I've bought a dozen other kinds, none of them satisfactory.  Too bad this one oozes on me.

What a lousy design!  I know it's design and not faulty manufacture, because both spatulas behave the same.    Shame on KitchenAid.


  1. I got a bug up my butt and finally threw away a small grouping of kitchen utensils that bugged me. You just hate to throw things away, especially if they can't be recycled, but I did it. I threw them out on trash day so I wouldn't change my mind and dig them back out of the trash.

  2. you know, if I threw out all the kitchen utensils that I dislike I would have LOTS of room in my cupboards. I should emulate you