Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Turnip surprise

For decades, the only turnips welcome in my kitchen have been these.

Bethany Uhl, Turnips, pastel

I'm sure I've had turnips hidden in many foods that I've enjoyed over the years -- heck, they're white, who knows what you're eating? -- but the turnip cake at the Chinese dim sum restaurant is the only dish that I have ever knowingly ordered where turnips are the main ingredient.

But wait!  This month I've discovered that raw turnips can be my friends, and I commend this approach to other turnip-avoiders.

Always on the lookout for new ingredients to pep up the daily salad, we've been cutting them into little matchstick pieces and adding them to the lettuce or spinach, where they turn out to be excellent contributors, mild and crunchy without overpowering the rest of the bowl.

        I find that three or four cubic inches of turnip is a good quantity for two people, but you could certainly use more if you wanted.  They'd probably also be good in a cabbage or cabbage/broccoli slaw.

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