Saturday, March 29, 2014

First corn of spring

Yes, they have corn on the cob all winter in the grocery store, but I don't buy it, fearing that it will taste like cardboard.  I'll buy tomatoes now and then, knowing they'll taste insipid when raw but will caramelize into something quite nice after 20 minutes in a pan.  And I'll buy eggplant, carrots and celery all winter even though I have no idea where they're grown or how that is accomplished in the cold weather.

But for other produce I'm perfectly willing to wait for the season.  That includes corn.

So yesterday I couldn't resist.  The good news: the corn was excellent.  You might even have thought it was July.  I hope this is an omen that winter is finally over and this summer will be good for the growing things.


  1. On the other hand, I succumbed to a $1.99 mini watermelon last week, and it decidedly did NOT taste like July. :-) That'll teach me to jump the gun!

    1. in my experience, mini-watermelons never taste like July, even in July