Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pie and milk -- memories are made of this

I love pie with fruit in it -- just fruit.  No lemon meringue, thank you.  No chocolate, no custards (except pumpkin).  No pies where sugar is the main ingredient in the filling, like chess or pecan.

But give me an apple or cherry or peach pie and I'm a happy camper.  Even better than that first slice is the next day when you have leftover pie for breakfast.  And then, since breakfast is supposed to have healthy foods, the best way to eat the pie is in a bowl with milk, with a spoon.

When I worked downtown, across the street was an old-fashioned cafeteria, in the same place since the Depression, staffed with the same old ladies since the Depression, serving old-fashioned food.  Their pies were legendary, and whenever anybody in our department had a birthday, somebody would go over to the cafeteria at lunchtime and get a pie.  Then at 4 pm we'd take a break and have birthday pie.  The birthday child would get to take the rest of the pie home.

One year on my birthday I got stuck on a conference call that would not end.  Outside my office I could see people bustling around setting up plates and forks, obviously ready for the party.  As was I, but I couldn't get off the phone.  A bit after five everybody else gave up and went home.  When I finally hung up at 6:15 there was an entire cherry pie on the counter outside my office with "happy birthday" written on the box.

What a wonderful birthday present.  And I didn't even have to share.

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