Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bad manners at the market

I don't like to say bad things about the state of my birth, but while visiting there earlier this month I was grossed out at the supermarket.

For some reason it's the custom in northern Michigan to strip the husks from your corn right there at the market.  Although they place a crate or two on the floor for the debris, when the crates get full it's apparently acceptable to just leave your organic waste on the display table, right on top of the corn.

By the end of the afternoon, you need an extra five minutes to root around underneath the cornhusks to find intact ears to buy.

I have always believed that corn will dry out as soon as you husk it, so I don't understand why the compulsion to do it hours before dinner at the market.  And of course, stripping it early precludes roasting the corn in its husk over the campfire coals.

Most important, it's nasty to find your nice fresh food under a layer of garbage. Yuk.


  1. OMG. Kathy, I do wonder about why people are de-husking the corn at the store. There is a bin in our 'discount' grocery store and I see people humped over it, removing husks.
    I wonder whether this all began when people would pull the husk down slightly to check the kernels?

    It is unnecessary and I think a sign of food-ignorance perhaps?

    Do you remember when there used to be bins of cherries and now they are all neatly packaged? It used to bother me how someone would pick-through-the-cherries, sticking their hands in the bin. I am glad for this change of civility in cherry picking.

  2. It is certainly a sign of food ignorance, and not limited to Michigan (although it surprises me as that IS the land of corn although not everyone actually grew up with the corn in the garden in their back yards. I found the same thing in Connecticut and marveled by it..but then I don't have to peel it back to "take a look" can feel and smell it and tell if you have a "good ear"....I think it is just sheer stupidity....errrr...ignorance about corn and food.