Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thanksgiving in September

Last year we celebrated Thanksgiving early to accommodate my son's big fall vacation.   This year we did it again, again at the service of transcontinental travel -- but with a different twist.  My brother and his family, who live in Australia, were visiting, and I had the brainstorm to cook a Thanksgiving dinner for our big get-together. 

I know that they like to celebrate the holiday on its actual date with other US expats, but have a hard time finding the wherewithal to do so.  Turkey is not a popular food in Australia.  It's available in winter, but in summertime, people aren't all that thrilled about having the oven on all day for a traditional roast, even at Christmas.  To get a whole turkey in late November requires a special order and you can pay $10 a pound or more. 

So we did the full Monty with a 24-pound turkey (so big it almost overflowed my huge industrial-strength roasting pan), stuffing, mashed potatoes, eight cups of gravy, cranberry sauce, green beans, and of course zucchetta and fresh tomatoes, not often seen on Thanksgiving menus.  For dessert, a choice of mincemeat pie or watermelon.

And for days afterward, turkey sandwiches.  They got on the plane satisfied.  And we get to do it again in just a few months!

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