Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Supermarket / Japan 1

I've just returned from a trip to Japan and Russia, and perhaps surprisingly, the highlights of the trip included visits to food markets.  To my amazement, the supermarket in Kushiro, a small Japanese town on the remote northern island of Hokkaido was so well stocked that I could imagine myself happily subsisting there.  Can't always say that about small towns in remote areas of the U.S.

I'll have a bunch of posts in subsequent days so I can show you everything I discovered.

Today: the produce section (don't you love the "vegetable" sign in English?)

In Japan food is always displayed artistically.

Melons with an elegant bit of stem still attached, protected in plastic foam nets, packed into beautiful cardboard boxes with a little brochure.

Green vegetables standing upright in perfect little bundles.

Blueberries from Oregon.

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  1. Such beautiful food! Would make shopping a pleasure. Well, almost.