Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hygiene overkill

I'm all for food service practices that keep things clean, but sometimes it can go too far.

At the hotel breakfast bar:

I have never been too concerned that my paper cup is going to become contaminated before use.  I'm sure the baristas at the fancy coffee shop grab paper cups from an unprotected stack, just as the deli man grabs a plastic container for your coleslaw from an unprotected stack.  I don't see the point to this one.

At the same breakfast bar, the woman in front of me unwrapped her cup, filled it with coffee, and reached for a plastic top off the (unprotected!!!!!) stack.  She inadvertently picked two from the stack.  Did she put one back?  No, she threw it away.

This offended my sensibilities.  Fortunately she did a bad job of throwing it away; it only made it as far as the countertop.  I picked it up and used it on my cup.

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