Sunday, May 19, 2013

Vietnamese drinks

We went to the Vietnamese restaurant for Mother's Day.  After a great meal I was content to sip the last of my beer and call it a night, but the others had drinks and dessert.

I haven't drunk coffee in 43 years, but love to watch the elaborate rituals of coffee preparation.  Vietnamese iced coffee comes with the grounds and hot water already in a little coffee press, perched over a glass of sweetened condensed milk.  The coffee drips onto the milk.

Stir the coffee and milk together, then mix with the ice (provided in a second glass).

The proprietor came by as people were completing this step, and chewed them out for doing it wrong.  You're supposed to put the ice into the coffee glass, not the coffee into the ice glass.  (See what I mean about rituals?)

We also ordered an avocado milkshake for the table, which I helped eat (with a spoon), and a mango milkshake for Zoe, who didn't really want to share, but did give me a taste, since it was (grand)Mother's Day.

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