Sunday, June 10, 2012

The zucchetta returns!

No matter what we grow or don't grow in our garden, there's always zucchetta, that pale green twisty version of zucchini that we think is so much better in every way.  I've written about it in previous years, because it's such a constant in our summer menus.

And today when we inspected the plant, we found five little guys, ranging in size from five inches to barely one inch.

The tiny one is about to bump into the big stalk above its head and will then turn in another direction.  Sometimes the fruits twist themselves into beautiful helixes so that you really don't want to cut them up.

We're going to have rain today and tomorrow, so growing conditions should be ideal.  Maybe we'll have our first harvest later in the week.

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  1. oh man, I can't wait for ours to bloom. I planted the seeds you all gave me but we are so far behind. can't wait.