Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pickle cuisine

My husband always has a pickle with his lunch.  He swears it keeps him healthy.   But not just any old pickle -- he likes them hot.

He used to buy a jalapeno dill concoction which was great.  But the product police found out about it and directed the company to stop making it.  Now what?

He stewed about it for a while and decided to make his own.  He buys plain old kosher dills in a huge jar, thus making them quite cheap (always a plus when plotting revenge on the product police).  Then he repacks them in smaller jars with some kind of very hot substance.  Sometimes he just replaces the brine with the juice off a jar of hot peppers, but that only works if you have a jar of hot peppers.

Here's his latest foray into remedial pickling.  He found a can of jalapenos at the ethnic market.

It turned out to have some unexpected ingredients besides jalapenos -- including a bunch of carrots.  We minced up the carrots and put them into a soup.

That left almost a full can of jalapenos.
We hauled out a stash of pickle jars (including one from the discontinued jalapeno dill spears!) and filled them about halfway with the new canned jalapenos, plus some hot peppers from our garden.

Pack new pickles into the jars, and let them steep in the hot juice for a few days.

We ended up with pickles just as hot as the ones we used to buy -- and a lot cheaper, especially if you count our labor at ten cents an hour.  Take that, product police!!

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