Saturday, September 11, 2010

Improvisational rice

I ranted recently on my other blog about the product police making my favorite brand of salsa disappear from the shelves.  In search of a substitute, I bought three different varieties to try.  The first one failed the test, leaving me with an almost full jar of red stuff that we didn't particularly like.  Struck by the spirit of improvisation, I decided to make it part of our dinner.

Hauled out the rice cooker, made a one-cup batch using the normal proportions of rice and water, then dumped in about half the jar of salsa, maybe a half cup.  The improvisation was a success -- the rice looked good and tasted good.  According to the label, this added about 25 calories to the dinner.

Although the salsa was only "medium" in hotness, the rice was spicier than I would have expected.  It made a good complement to pork chops and broccoli.  I would even serve it to company.

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