Monday, January 19, 2015


When you have a busy schedule, miss some meals and fix others under duress, it seems that vegetables are the first thing to be thrown off the sleigh.  And after several days go by, you just NEED a serious vegetable remediation.  I recall several times while traveling that we sought out Chinese restaurants because we knew we could get a whole plate full of vegetables, and you could practically feel the health returning to your innards with every bite.

The other night we had such a situation and as we entered our go-to Asian place we saw a daily special on the chalkboard: Chinese greens.

I don't know what kind of greens they were but they had deep green leaves and firm stalks slightly smaller than your little finger, fixed with pork, garlic and ginger.  I might have wished for some paler produce alongside, just for contrast, but I just filched some onions and water chestnuts from my husband's plate.

Now I wish this were on the menu all the time.

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