Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Farmer's market / Amazon 2

More stuff from the market in Manaus, Brazil -- things you probably won't find in your local grocery.

Manioc root (the base for tapioca):

Quail eggs, the size of a walnut or smaller, a whole raft of them in a mesh bag:

Brazil nuts (of course):

Some kind of big fat bean:

Not a clue on what this is:

Or the knobbly green things in the background:

If you know what they are, please tell me!


  1. Durian (larger one) and/or soursop (one in the background). I've seen them in international markets, and though I'm from Brazil, have never tried either. The large brown flat beans are tamarind. Quail eggs I've had lots of...they routinely use them to decorate potato salad, and I can't wait until mangos are back in season!

  2. Oh, and I forgot manioc--mandioca in Brazil. They make a flour out of it and is the base for "farofa" which is bacon, eggs, seasonings with the manioc flour and used over beans. Mmmm! The root is also boiled, and then fried which is yummy. It's hard to find good manioc in the U.S. They frequently seal the skin with wax which if the root was bad, seals it in!

  3. I encountered Durian in Indonesia - delicious if you hold your nose! They smell like rotting bodies - not that I have smelled rotting bodies.

  4. They have Durian at the Valumarket on third. They live in their own freezer and have lots of warnings about repercussions if you open one in the store.
    It is truly a horrifying stink.