Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fine breakfasts of the past

I've written before about my fascination with breakfast.  I like to eat a good, healthy, filling breakfast, but am continually frustrated in my efforts to identify what that might be composed of -- and to find same in my kitchen when I get up in the morning.  I don't eat sweet things, which rules out a large portion of the "standard" breakfast foods: donuts, muffins, cereal with sugar, waffles with syrup. 

But every now and then you run into a delicious combination.  I found one on a cruise ship earlier this year, and to my great delight, found it repeated every three or four days.

Here's another one that showed up now and then on the rotation.  I know, I know, these would all be healthier without the bacon, but I don't think life would be worth living without bacon.

Unfortunately, since returning home I haven't figured out how to make either of these breakfasts reliably appear on my plate in the morning.

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